Pre-season Workout 4: Foam Roller Hamstring Workout

Hey skiers & snowboarders! Kelly here from MADventures. This is the first installment of our Ski & Snowboard Training Camp, which will get in you great shape to hit the slopes this winter with minimal equipment and gym experience. Today we'll be focusing on the Foam Roller Hamstring Workout circuit, which utilizes the foam roller many of you might have at home to really whip your hammies into shape for the upcoming season.

  • Put the arch of your foot on the top of the foam roller.
  • Don't move the foam roller around during the exercise.
  • Do about 15 with your first leg and your head down against the ground.
  • Then switch onto all fours and continue to the Donkey Kick with the same leg.
  • Keep your core tight and your hips square while you kicked your bent knee back and up.
  • Make sure you keep your back straight and flat as well; don't arch it.
  • Do 25 donkey kicks before switching sides and starting all over again. Do two complete rounds of the circuit.

Full disclosure, this blog content was borrowed from the fine folks at Teton Gravity Research.

Check out their full Ski & Snowboard Training Camp videos here.