Collector Items

These collectors items are available for purchase in-store only.If you'd like to own own, get in touch! We can schedule a time for you to come take a look in person here in the shop.

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This is an example of the Websites 360 Shop app used for traditional e-commerce. Customer purchases are tracked in both the Shop App dashboard and the Payments app.

view our collector's catalog

These guidebooks are rare collector's items. Some are truly one of a kind. They're currently on display in our reading area at the shop. These books are very well used and worn, so we want to give you the chance to see it in person before making an offer.

As items are sold, we update the inventory here so you know what we've got on hand.

Important Note

The Websites 360 Shop App can easily be set up to sell a wide variety of products -or- display a product catalog without the ability to purchase as shown above, but it doesn't do them both at the same time very well. If you'd like to do both, we suggest using two different stores, one for traditional e-commerce and another for your 'view only' catalog of products.

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This is an example of a custom shopping page layout that features products from the Shop App that are not for purchase online.

This option gives store owners easy inventory management options and customers the option to browse inventory and contact the store owner for pricing & purchasing options.